Energetic haircut

I heard about the energetic haircut about a few month ago. I was to try it right away, but since I had to keep my hair as is for a video shoot, I waited a bit and just did it now.

The energetic haircut I experienced was created by Rémi Portrait. It is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but also biology studies. The whole process uses meridians and acupuncture points, from the head massage beginning using essential oils shampoo in relation to the current Chinese season and element, till the end analysis of your experience, but it mostly uses vibrations of energy as a therapy.  The experiment consists of 2 phases. 


Evolution cycle in the center, construction cycle on the perimeter

Evolution cycle in the center, construction cycle on the perimeter

1/ The hairdresser starts by smoothly lifting thin strands of my hair, one by one, from bottom to top, each line following a specific meridian of the acupuncture, while pushing the razor blade perpendicular to the strand. This unique blade cuts the hair in a bezel shape, just like cutting a flower, thus generating a vibration that stimulates the papilla at the base of the air bulb, rich in blood capillaries and nerves. That's why we can also call this process a vibratory cut. 

The sensation of this very special haircut is quite surprising, and unique to every one, every moment, and every acupuncture point it activates. Each of the cut happens to be quite painful for me, and I take deep breaths in order to release the memories attached to it. The tearing sound and the strong sensation are similar to a scalping! But as I said, it is different for each person, and will be every time you do it, since the cut is releasing specific memories that you are ready to let go of, at that moment, reaching up to memories from 7 generations on both your mother and father sides! Also, not only it is relating to your emotional and psychological states, but to your physical state and your health too. Since some areas of your scalp will present abnormal resistance to the cut, which the hairdresser can feel too, this will reveal to which part of the body, or to which organ the blocking is related. You might want to think over and find the cause, if you don't already know it. From there, the practitioner can tell you more about the element of the TCM that is unbalanced at the moment within you.

2/ The sculpting of the hair can now happen, it is the "diamond haircut" time. Still with the razor, but not as painful. Now I can feel the vibrations of both cuts resonating in my head and in parts of myself, with waves of heat circulating and flowing in my entire body. It is a rejuvenation and a liberation. Like if all my cells were awakening, again. A powerful energy is radiating. 

The energetic haircut is supposed to awaken your hair, allow it to be stronger and glossier. I wasn't sure until I experienced it: my hair have been super dry and with a rough look to it since my teens, and here I am now, with smoother hair. Even one of my friend was insisting asking what had happened to my hair.


The vibration transmitted by the blade to the hair acts in the brain through the cerebrospinal fluid and on the cellular and emotional memories. The hair becomes shinier and stronger, thanks to a better vascularization, allowing for the production of new hair strands.