Vitamin E - cleanser of arteries

Vitamin E - cleanser of arteries

The main actions of the Vitamin E consist of cleaning your arteries, reducing cholesterol and saturated fat, improving your immunity, sedating your nerves and calming your spirit, strengthening kidney-adrenal function, enhancing liver function (and thus its attendant emotions of anger, depression and impatience), reducing risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, soothing painful inflammations, treating several menstrual disorders (excess or scanty menses, irregular cycles, by keeping the blood slippery and flowing and thus reducing blood stagnation and clotting, side effects of menopause by stimulating the production of oestrogen, breast lumps).

It is a powerful antioxydant!

As usual, our Vitamin E need is best supplemented by whole foods, and some of the unbalances or diseases can only be improved by them. Daily requirements for an adult shall be of 1 to 3 micrograms, 0.3 mcg for young infants, 0.05 mcg per kg of body weight for children, 2.2 mcg for pregnant women, and 2.6 mcg for lactating mothers. You could consider larger doses in case of unbalance, but always refer to your physician for specific cases. It should not be taken above 1.000 I.U. a day, or might have the reverse effect on some of the unbalances. 


Now, some advices for a clever Vitamin E intake:

- It is best assimilated with good fats, including oils, because it is a fat-soluble nutrient (just like the other Vitamins A, D and K).

- That's why oil-rich seeds and nuts are one of your best choices (almond, filbert, sunflower seed). They contain the fats in the form of essential fatty acids. A contrario, a deficiency can interfere with the metabolism of GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid, a healthy fatty acid).

- Seeds also carry many other additional nutrients in it, just like minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, and other vitamins, which all play synergistic roles together, they are fantastic, but don't overeat them, or like any extreme behaviour, it will cause reverse effects to what you initially intended to cure. Overconsumption will burden your liver with fats and increase the acidity in your body. You might not know that a large amount of body acidity cases happen not only because of animal and refined products overconsumption, but also buts and seeds overconsumption.

- Always make sure to buy yours seeds and nuts in a store where there's a fast turnover, store them in your fridge in an amber glass jar to protect it from light, and don't keep them too long because their drawback it to rancid quickly, which then make them become oxydants and destroy Vitamin E. Better buy them often in small amounts.

- It is enhanced by the intake of chlorophyll, since it activates enzymes which produce Vitamin E.

- Other good sources are: whole grains, especially wheat, rice, oat and quinoa. Wheat germ and wheat germ oil are among the richest sources because they contain the complete Vitamin E complex. But their deterioration is fast, so keep them refrigerated in an air-tight container in the dark. Rice bran also contains a rare form of Vitamin E, which lowers excesses of fat and cholesterol and provide greater antitumor protection than any other.

- But also outer leaves of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, beans, carrot tops, dandelion greens, mint, soybeans, spinach, sprouts (especially sprouted wheat).

- Vitamin E is destroyed by chlorinated drinking water, oral contraceptives, pollution, and rancid oils.

Ayurveda VS Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ayurveda VS Traditional Chinese Medicine