Ithaca, Tompkins county

Ithaca, Tompkins county

Ithaca, je l'aime.

Je traverse de paisibles vallons.  C'est vert et délicat.
Et puis c'est ici. Ici que j'arrive en me disant que j'aimerais m'y poser pour toujours. C'est Ithaca.
Cette ville joyau, coeur des Finger Lakes.
Cette ville au coeur de verdure et de pierre.
Le rayon de soleil qui perce mon coeur, captivé.
J'aime arpenter ses moindres replis, et soudainement, surprendre ma vue de perspectives vertigineuses et de cascades millénaires.

Ma vie parallèle, c'est à l'université Cornell que je la mène.
Ce domaine est empreint d'un air légendaire et du prestige des élites.
L'emprise qu'a ce lieu sur mon être est impérieuse, et je ne demande qu'à me laisser faire. Car qu'importe la route que j'ai à parcourir, je m'y rends. Et j'y retourne. Rien ne peut assouvir ce besoin.


You should definitely get a breakfast or two at the popular Collegetown Bagels. They have an extensive choice of pastries, wraps, beverages, and of course, of all dressed bagels.

Make sure you have enough mornings in Ithaca to enjoy another brunch at the Carriage House Café, where both food and antique decoration are great. It's been very pleasant on a rainy Sunday morning, listening to some cozy jazz music and having kind staff around to care for you. And a warm cup of coffee.

Found. My husband and I definitely can't get enough of antique stores and flea markets. So go to this one spend a few hours wandering every corner of it, but also to Mimi's Attic, where items look a bit more casual and affordable.

GreenStar co-op. The organic store everyone would dream of. It exists!

Feel like having a live music diner? I found Maxie's New Orleans-style fish house was generous in portions and spicy enough for our taste buds.

Finally, and that's the whole point of this trip, do not miss Cornell University campus and all the waterfalls Ithaca has to offer (over 150). You should at least spend a whole day in order to do so. Especially if you decide to do everything by walk, since the campus itself represents 2,300 acres.